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  1. Best customer post-sale service support network
  2. Distributor controlled network (AUSMV sites don’t have to argue with HQ re: warranty. This is not the case with most vehicle franchises)
  3. Rhodium Roadside Assist – premium roadside assistance specifically tailored for towing vehicles
  4. Vehicles manufactured exclusively with Steering Transfer® Technology
  5. Access to a variety of vehicle trims and builds
  6. Innovative sales experience:
    • Highly knowledgable staff
    • Vehicle inventory system (consumers have access to the entire AUSMV incoming inventory)
    • Transparent real-time tracking system from order to delivery
    • Accessories fitout available prior to delivery (traditionally done post-delivery, adding unnecessary cost and time before you can enjoy your vehicle)
  7. AUSMV vehicles are configured for Australia
    • Ram 1500 upgraded to 3.6t GVM
    • Ram 1500/2500/3500 rear-aircon upgrade
    • Ram 1500/2500/350012-pin trailer plug
    • Ram 1500/2500/3500 50amp Anderson plug
  8. All vehicles come with 5-Year New Car Warranty